Friday, December 31, 2010

Redheaded Russian spy Anna Chapman makes first public appearance, but spills no secrets on TV

Anna Chapman didn't spill any secrets during her TV interview.

Anna Chapman didn't spill any secrets during her TV interview.

It was from Russia with love - for sexy spook Anna Chapman.The redheaded Russian spy made her first major public appearance Thursday on a talk show in Russia, with the host calling her the "woman of the year."
Chapman, who was one of 10 Russian spies ejected from the U.S. six months ago, said she likes spy movies and the actress Angelina Jolie, The New York Times reported.
She also told Andrei Malakhov, the host of the Russian talk show "Let Them Speak," that she was considering an acting career, and that more than anything else she wanted a lion cub, the newspaper reported.
With a remix of the James Bond theme song introducing her , the 28-year-old Playboy playmate didn't tell stories of intrigue or spying.
But she talked about her family and her passion for shooting. "In general, I am a very good shot," she said. "I have a passion for it."
Chapman, who was accused of passing encrypted messages to Russian officials from a Barnes & Noble in TriBeCa, didn't divulge any secrets.

"Keep watching television," she said, when asked about her future. "Next year I will reveal all my secrets.


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