Friday, December 3, 2010

Susan Kare: Interview With an Iconic Designer [GALLERY]

is the master of making icons iconic. From a mere handful of pixels she has created small-scale graphics that have become part of the visual language of computing.
Widely recognized as a groundbreaking digital designer, the Museum of Modern Art in New York describes Kare as “a pioneering and influential computer iconographer,” and states that her icon 
Susan Kare designs “communicate their function immediately and memorably, with wit and style.”
Kare’s phenomenal career spans from the early days of Apple (as the screen graphics and digital font designer for the original Macintosh computer) right through to designing for iPhone apps, encompassing Microsoft, IBM and Facebook along the way.
We caught up with Susan Kare just as she launches her new print site Kare Prints (offering limited edition, signed and numbered prints of her classic designs) to take a look back at some of her most memorable creations.
Have a look through the gallery below for some highlights of Kare’s work, complete with commentary from the artist. Even if you don’t consider yourself familiar with Kare’s portfolio, we think you’ll be amazed at how many you recognize!


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