Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bob's' no burger king yet but new Fox series has potential to cook up something tasty

Bob is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin of 'Family Guy' and 'Archer' fame.

Bob is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin of 'Family Guy' and 'Archer' fame.

"Bobs Burgers" has the right moves to join Fox's Sunday night animation lineup. On opening night, though, it's still a little short on game.
Bob, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin of "Family Guy" and "Archer," runs a low-end burger joint.
He doesn't make enough money to hire any help, so his staff is his wife, Linda (John Roberts), and their children: teenager Tina (Dan Mintz), wise-guy Gene (Eugene Mirman) and chirpy Louise (Kristen Schaal).
It's a dysfunctional group who routinely say awful things to each other.
Before the grand re-re-re-reopening of Bob's Burgers, for instance, Bob tells the staff, "You're my children and I love you. But you're all terrible at what you do. I'd fire you if I could."
The jokes flow from there, loosely connected by a thin plot that includes a rumor Bob's Burgers has cut a deal with the funeral parlor next-door to spice up its burgers with human flesh.
Hey, cannibalism! Cool! Must be Sunday night on Fox!
"Bob's Burgers" does tiptoe a bit around the more uncomfortable aspects of eating human flesh, but let's assume that's just opening-night jitters.
They're more casual with the banter about itchy genitalia, though the dialogue all has that slight deliberate stiffness that marks the Fox animation world.
What "Bob's Burgers" doesn't quite have yet is a rhythm and flow of its own.
It's got the ingredients to get there, though, and if the bar for outrage is higher on Fox Sunday nights than it was even a few years ago, cannibalism is the kind of inspired notion that could propel Bob and his family over it.



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