Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Britain's Academic Elite Shock Ski Trip Sponsors by Showing Their Cheeky Sides

Oxford Cambridge ski trip
Sir Isaac Newton and Lord Tennyson never stripped themselves naked and posed for erotic pictures in the snow.

Charles Darwin and Lord Alfred Douglas never smeared chocolate and pasta sauce on their nude bodies while hundreds of people stood around and cheered. And no one ever mistook Stephen Hawking for Bluto from "Animal House."

Sigh. Times have changed at Oxford and Cambridge. These were once the hallowed halls of higher learning where men in black robes learned to say "tut tut" and "I daresay" while referring to each other as "old bean."
Now, the Daily Telegraph reports that executives at Scott Dunn, a veddy proper travel firm, have pulled their sponsorship of the annual varsity ski trip for some 2,500 Oxford and Cambridge university students after this year's event turned into a bacchanal worthy of "Girls Gone Wild."
The lads got a tad unruly, as well.
Scott Dunn executives offered a skiing holiday worth $7,800 in American currency for the team which won the end of the week's Scott Dunn Valley Rally.
Jolly good fun, that.
The fun got a little jollier, however, when the students engaged in activity risque enough to make the average Brit exclaim, "Egads! What's all this then?"
Nudity and pasta sauce aside, the Daily Telegraph reports students held a contest to see which team could smash an egg in the most creative manner possible. That's when things got a bit, shall we say, cheeky.
An egg was placed between the buttocks of one team member while another smashed it with a wine bottle. Students then proceeded to eat the egg.
Cambridge alum Sir Isaac Newton was then heard spinning in his grave while the ghost of Oxford alum Oscar Wilde exclaimed, "Why didn't I think of that?"
Scott Dunn execs saw last month's event, staged at the French resort Val Thorens, as an opportunity to promote itself to Britain's intellectual elite. So much for that idea.

"Scott Dunn recently learned of reported bad behavior by some of the participants of the Varsity Trip's Valley Rally," the company said in a statement to the Telegraph. "Scott Dunn in no way endorses any of the inappropriate behavior reported."
Company execs added they will honor the prizes but will have no future involvement in the annual varsity ski trip.
The Daily Telegraph quotes one winner of the competition as saying, "I sold my dignity for a free holiday."
Oh well, it could be worse. The losers reportedly had to drink each other's urine.


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