Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sam Bradford Finds Good Use for $50M: Ping Pong Table

Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, the first-overall pick back in April, has had a lot to do with turning things around in St. Louis. In the three years prior to his arrival, the team won six games. Total. They headed into Sunday night's Week 17 matchup against the Seahawks with a chance to win for the eighth time in 2010 and earn a trip to the playoffs in the process.

It didn't happen -- Charlie Whitehurst did instead -- but that doesn't take away from what Bradford accomplished as a rookie. He came into the league with concerns about his durability and ended up starting 16 games, completing more than 60 percent of his passes, tossing 18 touchdowns and 15 picks.

Oh, and according to Bradford's wide-ranging interview with NBC's Al Michaels Sunday night, the 23-year-old also found good use for his $50 million rookie contract: he bought a ping-pong table.

Hey, it could be much, much worse. (Although I suspect Rams fans would happily trade goats, wigsand Uggs for three Super Bowls. Fair enough


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