Friday, February 4, 2011

Report: Kim Kardashian Unhappy Being Dragged into Halle Berry's Custody Drama

Kim Kardashian might have dated Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry briefly in 2010, but the reality star wants to stay far away from the estranged parents and their ongoing custody battle.

Sources tell the Chicago Sun-Times that Kim is "both amazed an extremely unhappy" that her name is getting dragged into the drama surrounding Halle and Gabriel's 2-year-old daughter Nahla. Halle was reportedly furious when Gabriel and Kim were dating, and her young daughter was exposed to the brunette beauty. But Kim "only saw the little girl once or twice... She wouldn't even recognize Nahla if she saw her somewhere without either Gabriel or Halle with her."

The source also claims Kim has gone out of her way to deny any link to Gabriel beyond a platonic friendship. A friend of the 30-year-old says she's particularly upset because Halle "has repeatedly snubbed her-- both at red carpet and private social events in Hollywood."

Kim has moved on from Gabriel and is dating New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. She even hinted at wanting a baby with the star athlete after only a few weeks together.
As far as being not being a positive role model for Halle's young daughter, Gabriel certainly could've done worse than Kim! She recently took a stand against the glamorization of teen pregnancy, knowing that many of her fans are young, impressionable girls. She also deeply regrets posing nude for 'Playboy' and 'W' Magazine. But I guess that sex tape leaked in 2007 might not have made her potential step-mom of the year in Halle's eyes.

I hope for Halle's sake and for Kim that these two can get along. The woman's got enough Baby Daddy drama going on as is. She does not need trouble with the Kardashian clan!


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