Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marcia Rodrigues accused of killing pool cleaner with ex-husband's gun after having sex

Marcia Rodrigues' lawyers say the pool cleaner raped her.

Marcia Rodrigues' lawyers say the pool cleaner raped her.
It started as a scene out of Penthouse Letters but ended like an episode of "Law & Order." 

A Florida woman is on trial for allegedly killing her pool cleaner after prosecutors said they had a torrid tryst.

Cops testified Wednesday that they found Ildo Aruajo bleeding to death in a closet at Marcia Rodrigues' Boca Raton home in 2007.

Prosecutors say the two had consensual sex before Rodrigues shot the 41-year-old pool cleaner with her ex-husband's gun.

Her lawyers say that Aruajo raped Rodrigues - who suffers a paranoid personality disorder - and that she snapped, thinking he had been sent by her husband to kill her.

"All of a sudden, all of that baggage, everything she had, came to a head at that point," her lawyer Travis Dunnington told the jury, reported the Orlando Sentinel. "She did what she believed was the only thing she could have done."

Prosecutors said there was no sign of a struggle, and that Rodrigues' bra had been delicately draped over a piece of furniture, suggesting the episode had been consensual.

Court records show that Rodrigues had been involved in a similar scenario once before. In 1993, she stabbed a man in the throat with a nail file after she said he tried to rape her. No charges were ever filed in that case.


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