Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pippa Middleton : 10 Things You Should Know About her

Pippa! Pippa! Pippa! Is Kate Middleton's sister the new Marcia Brady? Wearing a stunning body-hugging dress by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, the maid of honor was immediately dubbed Her Royal Hotness on Friday. Men across the land berated Prince William for picking the wrong sister, while secretly thanking him at the same time.

Here's what you need to know about Pippa Middleton, everyone's new favorite bachelorette:

1. Philippa Charlotte Middleton, 27, is Carole and Michael Middleton's second daughter. Her siblings include older sister Kate and younger brother James. Known as "Pip" to her family and "Pippa" to the world, she reportedly has asked to be called Philippa going forward.

2. She's currently dating 30-year-old London broker and former England cricketer Alex Loudon, who is a friend ofPrince William. The one-year relationship appears to be pretty serious. Loudon attended the ceremony, and was seated with the Middleton family. And according to rumors, an engagement may be on the horizon once the royal wedding mania fades. But now that Pippa has gotten a taste of the global media spotlight will she be ready to settle down?

3. Sorry, commoner dudes. Her former beau roster includes only affluent gents, such as Jonathan "JJ" Jardine Paterson, an heir to the Hong Kong Jardine Matheson fortune, Scottish aristocrat Billy More Nesbitt and diamond heir Simon Youngman.

4. After studying English literature at the University of Edinburgh, Pippa began working for an events planner, combining her love of partying and regal connections. She also runs The Party Times, an online magazine for her parents' business.

5. Pippa was named the Number One Society Singleton by Tatler magazine in 2008. She even surpassed Princess Eugenie of York, Prince William's cousin, on the list.

6. She's BFFs with Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry's on-again, off-again girlfriend. The nightclub-loving girls are often spotted together out and about in London.

7. Her tush has Facebook fans (thanks to all her bend-and-reach bridal duties). The Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society is currently boasting almost 150,000 "likes."

8. Before the royal wedding, she had gained the media nickname "Perfect Pippa" for her toned legs, bronzed skin, shiny hair and ease in front of the paparazzi lens.

9. She helped plan the post-reception dance party at Buckingham Palace. She reportedly requested that disco balls be suspended from the ceiling, which the Palace pooh-poohed.

10. Now that Kate is married, Pippa will be entitled to use the duchess' original coat of arms with a blue ribbon, which represents an unmarried Middleton female.


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