Friday, May 27, 2011

Rihanna vs. Lady Gaga at GMA concerts

Rihanna (l.) tried on a sailor's hat at the 'Today' show, while Lady Gaga got her paws up on 'GMA.'

Rihanna (l.) tried on a sailor's hat at the 'Today' show, while Lady Gaga got her paws up on 'GMA.'

It was a battle of the fashion-forward divas Friday morning in New York City.

While Rihanna was kicking off "Today's" Summer Concert Series in Rockefeller Center, Lady Gaga was ziplining her way into Central Park to celebrate "Good Morning America's" own Summer Concert Series.

RiRi woke up midtown when she marched down the street in a sexy leather get-up, followed by her back-up dancers, to perform her newest hit, "S&M."

The Barbadian beauty kept her composure during a slight setback when she was pulled by eager fans behind the barricades as she was shaking their hands. Thankfully for her dancers who had to take over security guard duties for a moment, Rihanna was back on her way up to the stage.

The rest of the singer's concert went off without a hitch as she delivered more of her hit songs, including "Only Girl (In the World)," "What's My Name," and "California King Bed."

Rihanna turned up the heat on 'Today.' (Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)

In between sets, RiRi discussed what went into making her latest album and how much better it sounds if the music is turned all the way up.

"'Loud' symbolizes all of the energy that went into this album, we just had such a great time — we were making it on tour," she told hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira. "So, it was all about music, and I've only listened to my music loud. If it feels good that way then it's going to feel good to the fans."

About a mile uptown, Gaga was blasting her own loud music as she continued promoting her new album, "Born This Way," with a five-song set on "GMA."

While Rihanna's opening number turned heads, Gaga's grand entrance was hard to top.

Wearing a sheer red and black bodysuit and headscarf, the eccentric songstress ziplined over the heads of her adoring "little monsters" toward the main stage while singing her oldie, but goodie "Bad Romance."

Gaga had her fair share of costume changes on 'GMA.' (Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

After her first song, she sat down with host George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts to answer some typical talk show questions, such as, "If you had one day to do anything you wanted, what would you do?"

In typical Gaga form, she answered, "I would want to hang out with my fans and have it not be me." 

Unlike Rihanna who kept on her midriff-bearing and hotpants ensemble, Gaga had a wardrobe change before her next song. This time, she donned a sheer cheetah-print-like bodysuit and a spiky jacket to sing "The Edge of Glory," her power baller inspired by her grandfather who died last September.

Gaga took a dip in a bizarre tank of goop. (Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

For "Judas," her controversial tribute to one of the most famous traitors in history, Gaga swapped the spikes for a '80s-inspired jacket with gold sequins. The next song, "Born This Way," called for the New York native to wear gold Viking horns, but only before she took a dip in a tank full of black water with her back-up dancers.

To end the show in a more bizarre manner, Gaga sang a powerful acoustic rendering of "Hair" at a unicorn-shaped piano. Because, well, why not?

Between Rihanna's sexy shimmy and Gaga's electric performances, it looks like summer is off to a fun start.


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