Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Best Treatments For Tinnitus - A Review

Searching for the best treatments for tinnitus is not easy. There is so much hype, misinformation and lies out there as to which product is best. This review will help to break down the main contenders so that you can make an informed choice.

Before we start I will let you know that I do recommend one above the others. The reason is I have tested many treatments for tinnitus and only found one that is reliable and works well. I have suggested Tinnitus Miracle to numerous clients in my practice and only found good results.

But not everyone will respond the same, which is why it is good to break down the treatments for tinnitus so you can decide which is best for you.

Products Offering Treatments For Tinnitus

You can put all the treatments for tinnitus into three categories. Those that mask the sound, those that teach you to life with the noise and offer a few lifestyle changes to cope, and those that offer a cure.

Before you jump into the "I just want a cure" group, please remember that not all cures work. Masking the sounds will help to reduce the effect of tinnitus and lifestyle changes may help. But if I'm honest with you, I too would head for the cures first. Then if they don't work use those that mask the sound to at least get some respite from the noise.

So to start with the treatments for tinnitus that mask the noise, there is only one real contender.

Tinnitus Masker is the internets most popular source for masking sounds. You listen to the variety of CD's to help you sleep without the noise and you can even play these on a CD player in your home to help also ease the noise during the day.

I don't know Chris Dawkins personally, but what he says and his background will make this a successful tool to help lessen the noise.

Paul Tobey offers something a little different with Tinnitus Free Living Program, he writes for the Tinnitus Association of America. Paul's program is quite involved and asks you to look at your lifestyle and make changes. It is based on the concept of reducing stress and anxiety in your life, which is a common cause of tinnitus.

For some wanting a more simple approach, Paul's program may be a bit to much. It still works and is well presented, but is still based on changing your life entirely which will help to lessen the noise.

Those treatments for tinnitus that suggest a cure are still my preferred choice. I still believe you can cure tinnitus and that if you remove all the causes the ear ringing will subside.

So to finish with...

The Best Treatments For Tinnitus

The two products that are the most used and most successful on the web are Tinnitus Miracle and Banish Tinnitus.

Banish Tinnitus aims to remove sinus irritation and stress, before you attempt to change the neural signals from the ear. He teaches a 3 step program to address the three causes of tinnitus as suggested by numerous scientific studies.

Paul Carrington's product is good, it also offers information of various "super foods" that will help with the noise and tips to help you succeed.

I still however recommend Tinnitus Miracle over the other products for one very good reason. I know it works. It too teaches you how to remove your sinus irritation, stress and anxiety and follows a simple 3 step plan.

However it is comprehensive, has excellent support behind the product and the after service support is perfect. But as I said, not everyone will succeed.

I still believe there is a cure and that you should look to get one.My recommendation is to start with Tinnitus Miracle, if you then find you don't succeed, take them up on their offer of a refund. This is what refunds are for.

If you don't get relief, they honor their refund policy, and then try the next technique and so on.

What works for you won't necessarily work for someone else. The best treatments for tinnitus are those that work, Tinnitus Miracle still remains the webs most used product for one reason it remains the best.


What if you have tinnitus now?

It is always advisable to check the problems with specialists like Miracle ear.You may be thinking it is too hard to remove or even reduce the noise slightly, but you're wrong. You can have ears that make no noise at all, and learn to enjoy life once more.So call Miracle ears at 877 590 4710/888 853 3674


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