Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is Starting a Business Smart or Bad ?

Getting advice about whether to start a particular business is tricky. Whom do you ask? Your lawyer will see everything through the lens of lawsuits and problems. That is what lawyers see every day. Your banker will see things through the lens of risk and loss; that’s what bankers see every day. Your accountant will see things through the lens of overhead and missed projections. If you ask your nonbusiness-owning friends and relatives, you’ll get opinions from people who have no lens. And no experience or understanding.

I would ask business owners or business consultants. They understand the risks, the opportunities, the potential problems and the things you need to watch out for. Perhaps you can learn from their mistakes . As far as their ability to predict success or failure, they will do better than a civilian but they are not clairvoyant.

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