Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Octomom Nadya Suleman denies saying she hates her babies

Suleman showcased her family life in a TV special that aired last year. (Fox)

Nadya (Octomom) Suleman admitted that while she is busy, she doesn't hate her 14 children.
Nadya (Octomom) Suleman admitted that while she is busy, she doesn't hate her 14 children.

Despite damning comments attributed to her, Nadya (Octomom) Suleman insists she doesn't "hate" her children.

The mom of 14, including the octuplets she gave birth to in 2009, claims an In Touch Weekly interview – in which she allegedly said she was disgusted by her kids – was fabricated.

The magazine's latest issue features a long alleged interview with the 36-year-old Suleman, where she ranted about the terrible turns her life has taken since 2009.

In addition to saying she hates her youngest kids, Suleman also supposedly claimed the "older six are animals."

"[They are] getting more and more out of control," she said, according to the magazine, "because I have no time to properly discipline them."

And in perhaps the most frightening comment, Suleman allegedly said she has contemplated suicide because she can't deal with caring for her children and mounting financial issues.

Suleman has occasionally taken her children out in public, as she did here in May 2009. (Jason Mitchell/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic)

"The only way I can cope is to lock myself in the bathroom and cry," she supposedly said. "Sometimes I sit there for hours and even eat my lunch sitting on the toilet floor. Anything to get peace and quiet."

But now Suleman is denying those remarks, claiming she has nothing but love for her exceptionally large brood.

"I Love ALL my children," she told TMZ.com. "I do not regret them and it's ridiculous that I have to continue to defend myself against these disgusting fabricated lies."

Suleman told the gossip site that every single statement attributed to her was made up, and she even refuted some of the claims, such as the allegation that she retreats to the bathroom to get away from it all.

"I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the rest  room," she said. "I could never lock myself in the bathroom for hours."

Suleman did not indicate whether she intends to sue the magazine.


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