Friday, September 9, 2011

New app helps people who need to use bathroom find strangers willing to open up their homes

Whoever came up with this idea is no whizz.

A new smart phone app wants to get urban dwellers to open up their homes to complete strangers who need to use the bathroom.

The "CLOO" app aims to create a network of like-minded, trusting people using social networking to solve "the problem of too-few easily accessible restrooms."

"CLOO' turns any private bathroom into a public bathroom accessible to your friends & friends of friends using your social media connections," the company boasts on its website. 

A financial incentive is offered to the home-owner in the guise of a modest online fee paid by the user.

Notoriously suspicious New Yorkers immediately pooh-poohed the idea.

"My bathroom is my space, and I don't want anyone else messing around in there," said 25-year-old Kaes Vanthof of the West Village. 

Others called it "a desperate way to make money."

"Why would you want a complete stranger in your house?" asked 48-year-old Amy Mass of Fairfield, Conn. "There are plenty of places to use the bathroom. Go to a restaurant, buy a cup of coffee, and use the bathroom there."

To make the app work, anyone who has got to go can look to "see the hosts in your area" with free facilities.

"Then CLOO' displays any friends you have in-common with them, the host's community rating and the token price of their loo," the company says.

A message can then be sent to the host to see if they are home, and if they accept, the discomfited party can race over and make use of the porcelain god.

CLOO claims that hosts can also benefit through corporate tie-ins with toilet paper and bog cleaning solution companies by receiving free products.

The company does not address whether letting a complete stranger into the most holy sanctuary of your home is actually a good idea.



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