Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'Bachelor Pad 2' finale?

Kirk, Vienna, Casey and Michelle don colorful suits in the last challenge of the season - in Vegas.

Kirk, Vienna, Casey and Michelle don colorful suits in the last challenge of the season - in Vegas.

"Bachelor Pad 2" went to new heights - or is it lows? - for its finale.

The last challenge found the final four teams in Las Vegas to perform a Cirque du Soleil routine suspended 100 feet in the air. The winners receive a guaranteed spot in the finale; the loser goes home immediately.

With the pressure on, the teams practice their 60-second routines all day and night.

Their judges? "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" alums Trista Sutter, Jason Mesnick and Ali Fedotowsky.

One by one, each team scales the monster wall and performs their horizontal routine. Graham and Michelle go first, and although they don't do a bad job, they do it so slowly it's as though they're in slo-mo.

Kirk and Ella are next - and she blows it for them after she keeps screwing up the routine. Then it's Vienna and Kasey who look like Cirque du Soleil pros up there, followed by an equally impressive duo, Holly and Michael.

In the end, first was the worst and Kirk and Ella are sent home right then and there - and she breaks down for "failing" him.

Holly and Michael not only win the competition and a spot in the finale, but they also get to choose which team they want to bring with them.

After hearing the pleas of Vienna and Kasey and Graham and Michelle, they seem to be leaning towards the lovebirds - and that has Michael's "brother" Graham enraged and drunkenly hollering about their friendship, as Michelle tries to shush him.

At the final rose ceremony, Holly and Michael explain that their decision comes down to selfishness (Kasey and Vienna) versus selflessness (Graham and Michelle).

In the end, they choose selflessness and Vienna and Kasey are sent on their merry way. They manage to plaster a smile on their smug faces - until the door shuts on the limo. That's when Vienna erupts into a sobbing meltdown.

As Kasey sweetly dries her tears, she spits verbal venom at her boyfriend. "You're the reason we're here right now! I'm really upset. My perfect rose record was just ruined."

For the remaining two hours of the finale, the entire "Bachelor Pad" cast head to a studio to rehash the season (yes, it took two hours) before the final vote to pick which team wins the $250,000 prize.

Host Chris Harrison starts off by asking Ames and Jackie if their fairytale romance is still alive outside the "Pad." (in case you forgot, he quit the show and hopped in her limo when she was voted off)

The answer would be no.

But Jackie's not sure what happened. She explains that after she and Ames returned to New York, he broke it off just a week later, leaving her "heartbroken."

After saying he thought she was "the one," Ames adds, "At the end of the day, we're two different people."

To that, Jackie reveals she didn't get out of bed for a week after Ames dumped her, and he genuinely seems to feel bad.

Melissa watching Blake and Holly's love story is clearly upsetting. (ABC)

Next in the hot seat is Jake, who was constantly at odds with Vienna and Kasey during his brief, yet tenuous stay in the house.

The exes go back and forth about whether or not he's really sorry and if he ever attempted to apologize before "Bachelor Pad." They can't seem to agree to disagree, but Jake and Kasey do bury the hatchet and seal it with a handshake and hug - as Vienna looks on with daggers shooting out of her eyes.

Next is Kasey's chance to go under the microscope. After a clip is shown of all the underhanded things he did while in the house - and the fighting with Vienna - the froggy-voiced tough guy is remorseful.

"It's a struggle to be happy," he tearfully admits about their relationship. "I don't want to be treated poorly."

Speaking of, whipping boy Blake is next to be center stage. The topic of course starts off with his hookup - and subsequent breakdown - with (Hurricane) Melissa, who lost her mind after he kissed her and then fell for Holly.

"Yes, I did go crazy," admits Melissa, although she swears she never cries in real life.

She doesn't get much cheerier once the conversation moves on to his relationship with Holly, which has turned super serious in just a matter of weeks.

Blake cannot wipe a goofy grin off his face as he talks about how they close they've grown. "I can't say enough good things about her. I am madly in love with her. She has a firm hold on my heart."

But she lives in L.A. and he lives in South Carolina.

Not to worry - he says she's moving cross-country to be with him!

Oh, and there's more.

A clip is then shown, in which he proposes to Holly! (with a "Bachelor" fave Neil Lane diamond, no less)

The camera cuts to Melissa - and you can practically see her choking Holly in her mind.

But Melissa's misery is only second to Michael's. When he and Holly come out onstage with competitors Michelle and Graham, his excitement at being in the final four quickly fades when Chris Harrison asks if he heard the good news.

Um, he hadn't.

"I'm sorry, that was super awkward," he manages to stammer after being told of his ex-fiancee's engagement. "I didn't know. I'm shocked. Maybe a water would be great or a commercial break."

He gets neither. Come on, what kind of good TV would that be?

Although he does cry a bit (something he did a lot this season), Michael takes the high road and says he just wants Holly to be happy.

It's finally time for everyone to vote on who they think deserves the money, and after a winning eight votes, the exes beat out new couple Graham and Michelle.

But that's not all. Now they must vote separately on whether they want to share the money or keep it all for themselves.

Even though Holly basically has taken Michael's heart and pulverized it in a blender, he decides to split the money - after all, he says, weddings are expensive.

But even that's not the end of the episode. The three-hour extravaganza comes to a close with the not-so-revelation of the new Bachelor: Ben Flajnik, who got dumped by Ashley on the most recent "Bachelorette."

"I'm ready to start again," he says.

And he'll begin his journey when "The Bachelor" returns in January


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