Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Serial pervert tied to two more sex attacks in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Police have tied two more sex attacks in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, to a sicko terrorizing the area and are investigating whether the attempted rape of a woman in Park Slope last week may also be part of the pattern.

In the most recent Sunset Park attack, on Sept. 4, cops say the perv grabbed a woman from behind, threw her to the ground and attempted to rip her underwear off. She screamed, and her roommate and neighbors came running and chased the man away, cops said.

A day earlier, in the same neighborhood, he grabbed another woman from behind, put his hand up her skirt and groped her. She chased him away.

In a post on an online listserv for Park Slope parents, a young mother reveals another attempted assault in Park Slope about 11:30 p.m. Thursday. She says she was walking home on 12th St. when a man grabbed her from behind.

He put one arm around her neck and shoved his other arm up her skirt. "I fought him as hard as I could," she wrote. Neighbors came running and the sicko, whom she describes as 5-feet-4 with dark hair, ran off.

"I could not believe what just happened to me," she wrote.

Neighbors told her they had called cops, she says, but they never showed up. A police spokesperson said yesterday no 911 call was made from that location that night.

Cops are investigating the attack but are not yet certain it is the work of the man who has raped one woman and tried to rape seven more since March.


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