Monday, January 9, 2012

Find out your star position in 2012

Some planets, like Venus, Mercury and Mars, and of course, the Sun and Moon, are faster moving planets, and other planets move more slowly around our solar system. Each planet position means something different for each star sign, and with each position there is a governing energy. Here’s a rundown on the movement of these planets in 2012.

JUPITER is the ruler of Sagittarius, and is known as the planet of abundance and expansion, and often referred to as the lucky planet.
Jupiter is in Taurus till June 12, 2012: With Jupiter in Taurus, everything is deliberate. Jupiter will stretch the mind, but Taurus will make sure it is for real rather than fleeting or fantasy. The Jupiter Taurus vibration helps you strive for the future in a way that pleases your heart; it encourages you to keep life in prospective while striving to be the best you can be. It encourages art, real estate and possessions that have an investment value - this is a fortunate and positive placement.  
Jupiter moves in to Gemini on June 12th 2012 and stays in this position till June 27th 2013, when it moves into Cancer. In Gemini, the grasp of detail and vision is heightened, particularly with creative ventures. It is also the position of media, which focuses attention on matters and people that need to be made public.

SATURN is the ruler of Capricorn, represents business and acts with authority. He also represents our father, and the discipline and self control to work hard to get ahead. Saturn is known as the hard taskmaster, and anything that happens under the influence of Saturn is real, with strong foundations.
Saturn is in Libra till Oct., 06, 2012: In this position, Saturn highlights the need for fairness in all dealings, personal and professional. People become more helpful and amicable in their business negotiations and strive for win-win outcomes. This is a positive position for Saturn, as it is Capricorn’s ruler and it is in Capricorn’s solar 10th House, the position of business and career. Saturn is also known as the planet of restrictions and boundaries, but in this position it promises to rebuild business and relationships on a balanced level with integrity on a world scale.
Saturn moves into the sign of Scorpio on Oct 6th 2012 and stays here through Dec 24 2014 when it moves into the next sign, Sagittarius. In Scorpio, Saturn provides the energy of power and determination, and a responsible attitude towards money and financial dealings.

URANUS is the ruler of Aquarius and is a slow moving planet. It takes about 84 years to move through the solar cycle and visits each star sign for around seven years. It is the planet of creativity, originality and is futuristic in its essence. It can also bring about sudden change that can be disruptive but empowering.
Uranus is in Aries till March 07, 2019, another 7 years. In this position Uranus gives you a greater level of originality, boosts self confidence to achieve objectives, and enhances leadership. It can also be stubborn, risk taking, and act with rashness. But overall, it provides ambition to achieve what can be thought as impossible. Under this influence, with the genius of Uranus, you can accomplish just about anything, but in the process it can be challenging and cause upheaval.

NEPTUNE is the ruler of Pisces and known as the planet of imagination. It takes 164 years to move through the solar system and 12 zodiac signs. It stays in each sign for approximately 14 years.
Neptune is in Aquarius till Feb 04 2011. During this time, the Neptune Aquarian influence can bring about a heightened awareness of humanitarian issues, with the energy assisting the creation of unique ways to overcome world issues.  
Neptune moves back into Pisces on Feb 04, 2012 and stays there till March 31, 2025 – a 13 year period.
Neptune in Pisces is a strong position as it rules Pisces, and brings together a mind, body and soul balance to our world. People will look for more sustainable experiences and situations to fulfill their lives rather than a quick fix. It is a time when intuitive sciences will be taken more seriously, and people worldwide will seek to enter a journey of self discovery.

PLUTO is a slow moving planet that stays in a sign for approximately 12 years. It is known as the planet of transformation.
Pluto is in Capricorn till Jan., 22, 2024, another 12 years. Capricorn is a business minded sign that strives to build solid foundations now and for the future. As Pluto represents transformation, this combination signifies a time when world business will be under the microscope. Anything that is not working will disintegrate, that’s the Pluto influence and it will be built up again under the Capricorn influence, and in the process, it does promise to come back to be bigger and better than before. Partnerships on all levels, professional and personal, become more honest, open and sincere.

Summing up:
Conclusion 2012
In conclusion, this year, more than ever before we enter a period of spiritual growth where we change literally change our lives as the vibration of our existence changes. With the Neptune influence moving into its own inspirational and imaginative sign, Pisces, encouraging us to look within, and the Pluto Capricorn vibration of breaking down to rebuild, all leads to transformation on a whole. Whether on a personal or business level there is a common theme of people wanting to do and be better as humans. There is a need for honesty first with yourself and then fairness in all dealings. We are coming back into alignment with ourselves, each other, and the people and corporations we deal with locally and on a world scale. This is a powerful time, and it is a wake up call on many levels. It is a time when the vibration of life can rise to a level where pettiness falls between the crakes and the big picture of live takes precedence. The reality of Jupiter in Taurus for the first half of the year, then in Gemini the sign of creativity and media for the remainder of the year, Jupiter expands our mind to think further outside the box than before. The fairness of Saturn in Libra, the sheer determination of Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces’s quest for us to look deeper within ourselves, and Pluto in Capricorn on a mission to reconstruct the broken fences, this is a year to rebuild the power source. It starts with one person, YOU, and with this small effort, the vibration of intention and action can filter out to mankind as a whole and as one. This is a powerful time in our existence, and I look forward to being part of the learning and teaching process. Good luck and cosmic love! 


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