Latest Gifts for the techies - 2011

Don't scale down this holiday season. The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale not only measures your weight, fat mass, lean mass and body-mass index, but will then transmit that data to your an app on your smartphone and chart it out for you. Just what you need after a big meal. $159.00,

Latest Gifts for the techies - 2011

It's not the size of the speakers that matters. The Jawbone Jambox portable wireless speaker delivers crystal clear sound with an output of up to 85 decibels, enough to fill the largest of New York apartments. 199.99,

Latest Gifts for the techies - 2011

It's time to stop plugging your camera into your computer. The new Eye-Fi memory card has built in wi-fi capabilities that will tranfer photos and videos wirelessly straight from your digital camera straight to your smartphone, iPad or computer. $47.99 - $79.99,

Latest Gifts for the techies - 2011

See without being seen, that's the goal of the Spy Net Video Glasses, which can record up to 20 minutes of video with sound. Perfect for the budding young spy in all of us. $29.99,

Latest Gifts for the techies - 2011

Make your Skype/GChat experience a pleasurable one with the comfortable Logitech Wireless Headset H800, which connects to all devices via bluetooth and features a built-in equalizer. $99.99,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Spa pod offers water massage but without getting wet

Feeling stressed? Climb into the latest spa pod, close the lid and, according to its manufacturers, enjoy 28 water jets pounding away your aches and pains, all without getting wet and remaining fully dressed.

While not for claustrophobics, Spa Shuttle, which is launching at this week’s FIBO fitness and health trade show in Germany, aims to provide the pleasures of “hydrotherapy," but while staying dry. Users can vary the degree of hardness, pulse frequency, and velocity, all while soaking in calming music and visuals from the integrated audio-video, as well as enjoying a built-in aromatherapy treatment. Spa Shuttle claims its device can not only help with body aches, but also with cellulite and weight loss.

Another space age-styled device designed for the home is the Concoon, created by German design company Wasserbetten. The Concoon's sleek design features a water bed to achieve a “floating feeling,” complete with surround sound audio and various light cycles that aim to provide therapeutic relief.

According to SpaFinder, an online spa industry news and information website, global spas are embracing these types of experiential pods that weave light, color, sound, and music together for the ultimate sensory experience. Look for the new Wolke 7 Cloud 9, a multisensory recliner created by Vienna artist sha, to show up in top spas soon.

The Slimline Pod is another personal sauna that claims to offer “the deepest organ cleanse.” A 30-45 minute session in the pod touts a host of benefits, including sweating out “toxins,” ramping up metabolism, reducing a range of ailments from depression to cellulite, and even tightening skin due to the LED lights within the pod. 

Lisa Edelstein poses nude for PETA

Lisa Edelstein sure does love her vegetables!

The "House" actress poses in her birthday suit atop a bed of fresh green-leaf vegetables in PETA's new pro-vegetarian print ad, below the slogan: "Eat Green to Go Green."

Shot by celebrity photographer Jack Guy, the 44-year-old beauty attributes her fit figure to a meat-free diet that spans three decades.

"Vegetarianism is a really important part of what we need to do to help the environment," Edelstein says in an interview with the animal rights organization. "The meat industry is really toxic to the environment. The cattle industry-besides the fact that there's a lot of cruel things happening-the manure is extremely toxic."

The actress also said she decided to pose in the buff to help raise awareness of the negative environmental impacts of meat production, such as water pollution and land degradation.

"I like to encourage people to be a vegetarian once a week and then maybe twice a week," Edelstein continues, "because that makes such an enormous impact for the whole world that it's really valuable for everyone. So I'm just trying to push that campaign forward-with my body, apparently." 


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