Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mitt Romney and President Obama are real 'meatheads': Political food art

'Barack Obameat' portrait of Barack Obama made from Jack Links' beef jerky. 'Meat Romney' portrait of Mitt Romney made from Jack Links' beef jerky.

President Obama and Mitt Romney made from beef jerky

Here's some art you can really sink your teeth into! One San Francisco-based muralist has done the unthinkable with beef jerky - made it into art. Jason Mecier's new works entitled 'Barack ObaMEAT' and 'MEAT Romney' feature portraits of the presidential hopefuls made solely out of the salty beef treat. Mecier created these meaty masterpieces for Jack Link Beef Jerky's latest campaign: "Vote for your Favorite Meathead." But this isn't the first time we've seen politicial portraits made from food. From sausage links to cupcakes, check out the sweetest ingredients used in political food art ...
 Condoleezza Rice made of rice
This one goes against the grain! Artist Jason Mecier has also depicted Condoleezza Rice ... using rice.
 President Obama made of cupcakes
Apparently there is a sweeter side of politics. Zilly Rosen of ZILLYCAKES in Buffalo, NY created this presidential likeness out of 1,240 cupcakes.
 Abraham Lincoln, George Washington food art
This art is in good taste! Lee Svitak Dean produces nutrition-education posters for children, including a series of historical people made of grains, legumes and produce. For information on these and more posters, go to
President Obama, Michelle Obama food art
First Lady Michelle Obama is well known for trying to tackle the issue of obesity in American children. Lee Svitak Dean's nutritional First Family posters are right on par with the First Lady's message. For information on these and more posters, go to

Queen Elizabeth II in cupcakes

We always knew she was sweet! Queen Elizabeth II was recreated using 2,012 cupcakes to mark her Diamond Jubilee 


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