Friday, August 24, 2012

Prince Harry's naked photos from Vegas strip-pool romp surface

 	Prince Harry put the crown jewels on display in Vegas this weekend ... getting BARE ASS NAKED during a game of strip billiards with a room full of friends in his VIP suite. It all went down Friday night during a raging party at the MGM Grand.

Prince Harry put the crown jewels on display Friday in a VIP suite at Vegas' MGM Grand.

Prince Harry has added a raw twist to the Vegas Strip.

The rowdy royal is returning to Britain on Thursday with a lot of explaining to do about photos showing him in the buff, holding his crown jewels and cavorting with an equally nude beauty.

The salacious snapshots of the playboy prince were taken by a fellow reveler’s phone cam during a Sin City game of “strip billiards.”

In the pictures, which appeared on Tuesday night, the 27-year-old helicopter pilot is going commando, wearing nothing more than a wrist watch and a necklace.

The necklace, with its dangling amber-colored stone, was a gift from his on-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy, the Daily Mail reported.

The shots captured the Prince of Wales putting the squeeze from behind on a nude babe, who appears to be holding a pool cue next to a pool table.

prince harry rear end shot


Prince Harry does his bit for international relations, clowning around after losing a round of strip pool.

TMZ reported that the au naturel horseplay happened Friday during a raging party in an $8,000-a-night suite at the Wynn and Encore hotel complex on the famed Vegas Strip.

Sources told the gossip website that Harry and pals invited a bevy of beauties up to his VIP suite for a jolly good time.

“We have no comment to make on the photos at this time,” a royal family rep told TMZ.



Britain's The Sun, which didn't have rights to the photos, recreated the iconic shots using one of its reporters.

Buckingham Palace officials quickly moved to get publication of the photos banned in Britain, arguing to the country’s Press Complaints Commission that they were a breach of the prince’s privacy — not to say his privates.

Bernard Hogan-Howe, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, deflected any blame that might be cast on security guards traveling with Harry on his stateside vacation.

“Royal protection officers are there to protect him for security reasons; they are not there to regulate his life,” Hogan-Howe told the Telegraph of London.



Prince Harry (c.) parties with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte (l.) in a pool in Las Vegas.

The average Brit didn’t seem to blame Harry for his high jinks. “He’s a lad, for God’s sake,” Shirley Ashard, 59, told The Associated Press.

In a cheeky move to show the public the photos without actually publishing them, The Sun of London recreated the pictures using a Harry look-alike holding his genitals. The simulated photo appeared on Thursday’s front page with the headline, “Harry grabs the crown jewels.”

While the British press was deprived of running the shots, Brits in America who’ve seen them got a chuckle at Harry’s expense.

“That’s not a royal penis!” quipped Brit Lisa Vanderpump — star of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — when shown the photos by TMZ.


“I need a magnifying glass to see that. Hold on, let me get my glasses,” Vanderpump joked.

The photos were shot on the the same wild weekend that saw Harry take on U.S. Olympic swimming champ Ryan Lochte in a boozy impromptu race in a Vegas hotel pool overflowing with bikini-clad women. 


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