Music is probably the most dynamic collection of our articles. This category abounds with ringtones that are sure to ring your ears. Be updated with who's in the iTunes Top Songs Chart and the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Be informed how songs find their way up to the chart, and become one of the most requested songs. Read reviews on our music articles on songs and artists. Each song has a story of its own, and artists have their own way of telling it through their songs.

The Simplest Way to Learn Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are one of the most well-liked options of stringed instruments in today's generation. Why? Because it is easy to learn and has become so cool to listen too. With only 3 to 4 chords, songs can easily be made using a bass guitar. So, get started today, learn how to play that bass and maybe you'll be in the next newest and greatest band to hit the airwaves tomorrow!

Ways to Win a Songwriting Contest

Through TV, online medium aspiring songwriters can take part in songwriting contests. These contests are open for amateurs as well as for professionals, and most have big prizes to offer to their winners. Writing a great song to impress the judges might appear to be a difficult task, but it is not an impossible task. It may also surprise you to know that writing a great song is not everything when it comes to these songwriting contests.

Free Mp3 Downloads And Its Benefits

Music is an important aspect of our lives. Many listen to music to be entertained, others listen to music to be comforted, while others may listen to music to enjoy the art of its sound.

One Answer Emerged From Michael Jackson Death Hearing -- Many Questions

Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, sailed with flying colors through his week-long preliminary hearing which ended with a favorable decision from the judge to try the singer's personal physician for involuntary manslaughter. This decision favors Dr Murray because ...

Couples splashing out on wedding venue hire?

Marriage is a longstanding tradition in many cultures around the world and it remains popular among couples in the UK to this day.

How to Find A Subliminal Message in A Song

Majority of people are skeptic about the true power and the effectiveness of subliminal messages hidden in songs or videos. While they listen to the songs or watch the videos, most people can't help but try to consciously look for or listen for the hidden messages.

Become a Big Name Urban Beat Artist With Beat Software

As far as things go beat software is a brand new development. It wasn't long ago that artists had to have a recording studio with many musicians who specialized in their own instrument to put together songs. Now, music composing software makes it so all you need to get to the top is the desire to do so.

Become a Big Time Hip Hop Beat Artist With Beat Software

There has never been a better time to get started using beat software. Urban music genre enthusiasts all over the world are downloading music composing software and using it to produce their own sick urban beats. These days music software is extremely affordable.

Produce Beats With Beat Software and Become the Next Common

When making beats with beat software the most important aspect of you beat is going to be the drums. That bass line is what makes or breaks a beat! What you should do in the beginning is spend time listening to some of your favorite urban artists like Eminem, Tupac, Kommon, Kanye West, 50 Cent, etc. Listen to their styles. Try to identify what it is about their beats that you like.

Throw Sick Beat Parties With Beat Software!

With the creation of beat software house parties will never be the same. Parties with their own DJ's are fairly common, but here is where we set ourselves apart. Not only do we DJ the house parties, but we DJ using music that we recorded! When people hear that a local beat artist is DJin' at a local party things get out of control! The house overflows with excited people and the parties are epic!

Easysaver Rewards Friends With Classical Music

One of the ways this easysaver rewards those for their friendship is through the gift of classical music. Classical music soothes the soul, relieving stress and allowing for deeper concentration.

Best Music Videos of All Time (That You May Have Never Seen)

One of my favorite subjects is and has always been music. I am a particular fan of good music videos. Good meaning they give me the feeling that it is 1982 again and I am watching MTV for the first time - MTV when it really WAS Music TeleVision.


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