At Teen Advice we get lots of the same questions asked over and over again. In fact, all of our articles and quizzes are inspired by the e-mails you send us. So before you send in your question check out our list of most asked about topics to see if we've already answered your 'Q'.

1) Teen Life Quizzes

Teens want quizzes. You ask for them all the time. You just seem to love them! Whether it is a serious topic, like if your ready to have sex, or a light-hearted one, like how to tell if you're a good kisser, we have a quiz for you. Just check out our master list of quizzes to find the one you're looking for.

2) How to Checklists

How do I french kiss? How do I say no to sex with somebody I really like? How do I go to my parents with a touchy problem? How do I help a suicidal friend? We give you a quick and easy list of steps to get you through almost any situation. Read our How to list to see if we've got you covered before you drop us an e-mail

3) How to Kiss

It is something that every teen seems to worry about, how to kiss. We have put together a list of your most asked questions about kissing, including tips on what to do, and perhaps more importantly, what not to do.

4) What is sex really like?

Whether you are doing it or not, whether you are planning to have sex or want to wait, teens really worry about this topic. You want to know what it will be like, how to tell if you are really ready, and why most parents urge you to wait. What you don't ask about enough is contraception and STD protection. Either way, we cover it all, the things you ask about and the things you really should ask about, in this Teens & Sex FAQ.

5) Surviving a Break Up

Break ups suck. They are full of heart ache, uncertainty, guilt and tears. Whether you are the one doing the dumping or the one being dumped, heck, even if it is mutual, there is always a difficult period of adjustment. We have tips to help you cope with the aftermath and get on with your life.

6) Am I in Love?

Is it lust? Is it love? How can I tell if these feelings are real? When it comes to love teens are hopeless romantics wanting to believe that the real deal is waiting in every relationship. But how can you tell love from attraction and how do you stop yourself from getting burned? Teen Advice has the answers.

7) Teen Suicide

Teen suicide is a difficult topic. Some teens write in feeling suicidal while others are worried about a friend or loved one. Since it is so important to get help and get it fast Teen Advice has put together a Teen Suicide FAQ based on the questions you've sent in most often.

8) Date Rape Drugs

Date rape has reached a new level of danger with the popular use of date rape drugs. Young adults and teens are most likely to fall victim to these terrible mind-altering drugs. Find out all about date rape drugs and how you can protect yourself in our date rape drug feature article.

10) Body Image Issues

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in North America and teens are not immune to the problem. There are genuine health problems associated with being overweight and teens are not too young to start dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. On the flip side, some teens get so obsessed with their body weight that their body image becomes distorted. When this happens they can fall victim to depression and eating disorders. Do you really need to diet and are you ready to do it properly? Find out!.


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